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The Canadian Federal government recently announced that it is getting out of the medical marijuana-production business, opening the market to companies that meet “strict security requirements.” The federal agency’s goal is to treat marijuana as it does any other narcotic used for medical reasons. Doctors will essentially fill out a medical document similar to a prescription, which patients can take to a licensed producer.  Effective April 1, 2014, Health Canada will no longer produce and distribute marihuana for medical purposes. The current Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) will be repealed on March 31, 2014, when the new regime is fully implemented. 

The Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) were  published in theCanada Gazette, Part II on June 19, 2013. Please visit the Health Canada website at

Currently, patients apply to Health Canada to take part in the Marijuana Medical Access Program. When their application is accepted, they are able to either grow the marijuana at home or purchase it from a government producer. Under the new guidelines, patients will no longer apply to Health Canada for medical marijuana, and home production will be phased out.  

“Under the new regulations, production will no longer take place in homes and municipal zoning laws will need to be respected, which will further enhance public safety.”

As the federal government gets out of the medical marijuana business, taxpayers will no longer be subsidizing its sale.The government’s goal is to have the new guidelines in place by March 31, 2013, with the new system fully implemented by April 2014.

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