Canadian Cannabis Industry

The Canadian Cannabis Industry is growing at an unpredicted rate with changes to federal laws that come into effect in March 2014.  The Canadian Federal government is getting out of the medical marijuana-production business and opening the market to companies that meet “strict security requirements.” The federal agency’s goal is to treat marijuana as it does any other narcotic used for medical reasons. Doctors will essentially fill out a medical document similar to a prescription, which patients can take to a licensed producer.  Effective April 1, 2014, Health Canada will no longer produce and distribute marihuana for medical purposes.

In late May, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition added its voice to the debate with a sweeping report, “Getting to Tomorrow,” calling for the decriminalization of all currently illegal drugs, the regulation and taxation of cannabis and the expansion of treatment and harm-reduction programs. The coalition of drug policy experts, affiliated with the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction at Simon Fraser University, calls the increasing emphasis on drug criminalization under the Conservatives an “overwhelming failure.” The high marijuana use by Canadian minors is just one unintended consequence of current drug laws, it concludes. “Prohibition abdicated responsibility for regulating drug markets to organized crime and abandons public health measures like age restrictions and dosing controls.”

An Ipsos survey conducted in 2012 found 66% of Canadians support decriminalization of marijuana.  Canada's pro-pot movement received a major shot in the arm last year when two US states voted to legalize recreational use of the drug.  

And on the heels of that news federal Liberal leadership contender Justin Trudeau made it clear he'd push for decriminalization, and quite possibly legalization, if he were at the helm. Trudeau, like most pot advocates, suggested the current laws enable organized crime groups to profit while punishing the pot users.  Trudeau then took his argument further by saying the next step would be to look at legalization because it would allow Canada to regulate and tax the drug while preventing criminals from profiting.

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